Welcome to Andreasen Chiropractic & Wellness Center, serving the Phoenix East Valley, including Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and Queen Creek.

Like you, chiropractic care comes in all sizes and shapes. Dr. Andreasen and our staff of health care professionals are expert in delivering just the right treatment for each patient's needs. We are committed to providing the best possible care for families and individuals seeking relief from automobile or work-related injuries, as well as those seeking improved health and wellness.

Auto Accidents

The sudden impact of a car accident is enough to turn your life upside down. We understand the bio-mechanical . . . more


Sports Injuries

Many musculoskeletal complaints arise from injuries sustained in sports. Each year we see athletic performance . . . more


Pediatric Care

Eighty percent of all children are subluxated at birth and before six years of age your child will fall 2,500 times . . . more



Do you know which foods, supplements and vitamins are good for you? We provide specific nutritional counseling . . . more


Work Related Injuries

Neck and Back Injuries account for more than 90% of the injuries occurring at work. Industrial injuries result . . . more



Chiropractic care becomes necessary when the body's bones are misaligned and pinch nerves, leading to . . . more


Back Pain

Sprain, stress and injuries are the common causes of back pain. To relieve the pain and return the back . . . more



Regular Massage and Trigger Point work can release chronically contracted muscles and fascia, improving balance . . . more


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