Do you know which foods, supplements and vitamins are good for you? We provide specific nutritional counseling to assist you in providing your body with basic fuel and building blocks it requires to function at optimal levels.

nutrition_GilbertSo many commercial vitamins have little ability to supply our bodies with the essential vitamins, minerals and fiber that they need to enjoy abundant health. Most of the vitamin and mineral supplements sold in retail stores are poorly absorbed by the body, and you never receive the benefits of taking them.

Dr. Andreasen will recommend a structured nutritional program based on your individual needs, including a diet and supplements calculated to provide you with all that your body needs to be healthy and strong.

Nutritional and weight loss products by Isagenix.

Of all of the nutritional and supplemental products available, Dr. Andreasen recommends a line provided by Isagenix.

Isagenix_ProductsWe have weight loss, vitamins, minerals, digestive, energy, heart health & kids nutritional needs.

For everything from anti-aging nutrition, to women’s health, to bone and joint support, Dr. Andreasen has a dietary and supplement program for you.  Eating right and living right form the most important foundation to great health and wellness.

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